Boys vs. Men

Ladies: Boys play with your mind. Men Explore it. Boys drop names.. Men drop KNOWLEDGE.. Boys Flaunt their "Wealth.." Men Flaunt their VISION. Boys live for now. Men Plan ahead. Boys seek Popularity, Men Demand RESPECT And Know How To Give It!... Boys play House, MEN BUILD HOMES. Boys Shack Up, MEN GET MARRIED.. Boys make babies and disappear. Men raise children and teach them to persevere. Boys Like To Spend Time With Their Boys. Men appreciate the time they spend with their family. Boys lay blame on others. Men admit their faults and own up to them. Boys Make Excuses And Hesitate. Men Make Plans And Activate. Boys make decisions blindly. Men weigh their options and calculate their movements. Boys lack self control and operate in haste. Men possess faith and exercise patience. Boys manipulate, steal and take from the community. Real Men respect, love and give back to the community. Boys throw up their hands and flee from their problems. Men roll up their sleeves, stick out their chest and handle their problems. Boys are easily distracted. Men usually stay focused. Boys do what they want to do. Men do what they have to do. Boys base their strength on the "Power" of money. Men base their strength on their faith in God. Boys are more concerned with the fullness of their reputation. Men are more concerned with the depth of their character. Boys can't control their emotions and are quick to fight. Real men have the fortitude and inner strength to walk away from an argument or minor altercation before it escalates into violence. Boys are full of drama. Real Men AVOID DRAMA, not because they can't handle it, but because they just don't have time for the BULLSH*T. BOYS equate "Self Worth" with "Net worth" and their self esteem fluctuates with the balance of their bank accounts. Real Men know The Road to Victory and Success is paved with humble submission to the Most High! A Man has the COURAGE to stand alone. A boy needs his crew to validate him. REAL MEN make sacrifices for their dreams without bargaining their soul. Boys will sell their soul and their dignity for ill gotten riches. Real Men are LEGACY DRIVEN. A legacy is something you leave behind that will benefit others-perhaps those yet unborn. Real Men understand that It's not what you accept but it's what you turn down that shows character.. Real Men practice due diligence and humility to ensure that their lives and the lives of their family will be prosperous and purposeful. Real men have class and are not ashamed to hold open a door for a lady, pull out a chair for lady or remove his hat when he enters her home. A dude with a "Boy's" mentality puts so much emphasis on the power of money in order to compensate for the bankruptcy of his soul.. A "BOY" with MONEY is no match against a MAN on a MISSION. A dude with a "boy's" mentality always ruins an apology with an excuse.. A dude with a "Boy's" mentality thinks that Sex is the answer to every problem in a relationship. Sadly, over the years many POPULAR YOUNG PLAYERS have morphed into LONELY OLD MEN..

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