Women vs. Lil girl

  • Ladies forget about chasing a so called "SHOT CALLER" and try to attract a MAN who "CALLS ON GOD" for guidance..

  • Too many women have fallen for "boys" disguised as "men," when in fact the signs were there right from the beginning that he was just a BOY.

  • It's crazy how some women view "GOOD MEN" as friendship material and "WANNA BE THUGS" as marriage material.

  • A superficial woman thinks that a dude who possesses Money, Clothes, Cars and Status equates to him being a "GOOD MAN.."

  • Sadly, Some woman have SUPERFICIAL standards that are so high that not even Jesus can live up to them... SMH

  • How you gonna INSIST that your future mate MUST have a "Gold Card" or a "Black Card," when all you have is an "EBT Card."

  • Equally important, Don't act and dress like a whore and expect to be approached like you're a PRINCESS.

  • A pretty face is nothing if you have an ugly heart.

  • There's nothing more sexier than a woman who is Intelligent, Wholesome, Discreet, Modest, Pure Hearted, Responsible, Humble and God Fearing.

  • Nothing is more beautiful than a down to earth lady who doesn't pretend to be something she’s not and who doesn't let a man define who she is.

  • "Ladies, don't be easy, be WORTH IT... If they really want you, they will accept the challenge." - Iceberg Slim

  • A woman who is worth it will never be easy to get. And a Real Man will acknowledge her worth and always be patient.

  • Everyone you meet comes with LUGGAGE.. Just find someone who loves you enough to help you UNPACK..

  • "And To The Young Ladies: Keep Your Head Up, Legs Closed and Eyes Open" - Tupac Shakur

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